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Student Story: How Educational Apps Help Us Learn [Video]
Posted 13/01/2017 14:30


Educational apps are tools that help us, as students, to learn for ourselves, from each other, and from our teachers. They are quick and easy to understand, and even using them for ten minutes a day can be beneficial in the learning process.

One of the apps we are using in Grade 6 is Seesaw. We use it to post our work which is then reviewed by our teacher, and our classmates can then comment and give us feedback. It enables to us to learn from each other in a quick, easy but meaningful way. The Grade 6 Communications Club wrote a piece about Seesaw here.

Other ways we use apps in the Elementary School include for reading, mathematics and language learning. Apps are a good tool for these kinds of subjects because the content is suited to an individual’s level. There are goals and targets which you have to work towards, which encourages you to keep going.

Educational apps are portable so we can use them both in the classroom as well as at home using our computers, phones or iPads. Another good thing is that there are many apps available for children and adults of all ages and abilities. They are often more fun than using paper because it feels a bit like playing a game while you are learning. However, students should not spend too much time on apps as looking at screens for long periods of time can make your eyes hurt or give you a headache.

We talked to some ISB teachers and asked them why they think educational apps are helpful and how they use them. Watch our video to see what we found out:

By Jerry, Anhong and Nikon from the Grade 4 and Grade 6 Communications Club

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