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A Telephone or a Work of Art? [Video]
Posted 16/01/2017 14:30

Throughout November and December 2016, Grade 11 students worked on a Form Analysis Project. The project encapsulated the three topics that they had been studying in Design Technology throughout the term: Human Factors and Ergonomics; Concept Modelling; and User-Centred Design.

The students were given an open brief by their client (Samsung) and were expected to produce a prototype that would meet their client’s needs. The brief was as follows:

‘Table-top telephone handsets have changed very little over the last 20 years. However, personal mobile phone technology shows that this does not need to be the case. Samsung wishes to develop a table-top phone that is different and sculptural. A phone that can be regarded as a “work of art”. The telephone must relate to the “tablescape”, the hand and the face.’

Using card, polystyrene and a Design Technology room full of equipment, Grade 11 got to work. They immersed themselves in the design process, and drew, cut, sanded and tested until they had a masterpiece in front of them. How did they do? Watch this short video to see them at work and to view some of the final telephones - true “works of art” indeed!

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