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New Student-Athlete Programme
Posted 22/12/2016 13:04

Earlier this year, ISB Raiders launched a new sports programme called Raiders Plus. This programme is an extension of the wide sports offerings at ISB.

The rationale of the Raiders Plus Programme is to provide a pathway for selected student-athletes who aspire to take their athletic performance and understanding to the next level. The programme takes a holistic approach towards developing students understanding of themselves as well as their athletic potential. It covers several aspects of wellness and fitness such as nutrition, strength and conditioning, psychology and personal skills. Support and guidance is also provided on a regular basis by various coaches throughout the programme.

Raiders Plus prepares student-athletes with the skills and resources they need to develop beyond the level of European international school athletics and gives them the opportunity to expand on skills and character traits such as leadership, time management and dedication that will help them beyond the world of sports.

For more information on Raiders Plus, read the latest newsletter here.

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