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FACEit: 100 Faces of the Middle School!
Posted 19/12/2016 15:15

The new Personal Learning Programme in the Middle School provides students and teachers with new opportunities for self-expression. FACEit is one of the many great projects that has come out of the Personal Learning Programme.

The project originated in the Creative Expression module led by Christine de Lannoy, Art Teacher and Cat Leclerc, Choir Teacher. Its aim was to celebrate the individuality of the students in Grade 7 and the different ways in which they see the world. Both teachers have a passion for encouraging students to express their individuality in creative ways, and with some inspiration from the global arts project, Inside Out, the ISB FACEit project was born.

During this project, every Grade 7 student had the opportunity to express themselves both as photographer and subject. As the subject, each student was challenged to express their identity in a single shot - one that portrayed life, movement and the connections that human beings have to each other. Over time, the project expanded to include Middle School teachers and other members of the ISB community, in the spirit of addressing ISB's communal identity.

The portraits were printed in the design lab with the help of Dante Gianoli, and became an Art Installation, displayed in and around the Middle School building.

FACEit is the celebration of the voices that our learning community is built on, and gave our beautifully diverse community the opportunity to hear each of these voices through expressive arts.

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