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Community Learning Partnership
Posted 13/12/2016 15:56

For the past ten years, ISB has been in a community learning partnership with the commune of Watermael-Boitsfort as part of the Extrascolaire - Accueil Temps Libre programme, offering Grade 3 and 5 students from local schools the chance to learn English through games and activities. These hour and a half lessons take place weekly in various locations around the ISB Campus.

The students come from around seven different primary schools in the Watermael-Boitsfort area. They are of mixed ability, ranging from absolute beginners to some having a basic knowledge of English. These lessons are run by ISB Plus Coordinator, Jacinta Moulakas, and a trained English Language Development (ELD) teacher. They are designed to include vocabulary that will be used during the lesson, throughout the games and activities organised for the students. Some of the activities on offer include cooking, indoor and outdoor games, multisports, arts and crafts, dance and climbing, with many members of the ISB faculty, staff and community kindly helping out to run some of these speciality activities.

This community partnership also has authentic learning opportunities for ISB students. Last year a group of Grade 9 students organised a successful collaboration with the Boitsfort English group, and facilitated a lesson as part of their Service Learning Day. This year the Boitsfort English group is working with a High School student who undertakes part of the planning and facilitation of lessons as part of a CAS Super Project. Recently, students enjoyed making some seasonal gingerbread cookies while improving on their English skills - a messy, yet thoroughly enjoyable (and delicious!) activity.

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