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Not a Stick
Posted 09/12/2016 16:14

The children in Prekindergarten are exploring constructing in a module titled, "Let’s Explore and Construct."

They are using a variety of materials and creating structures for different purposes. Throughout this process the children are experimenting as well as problem solving. Considering questions such as: What is the purpose of my structure? What can I change to make my structure stable?  What materials are easier or better to use?

During our weekly visit to the forest, the children listen to the story, Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis. The story shows clear illustrations of a pig using a stick for all sorts of different things. At the end the pig stated that the stick was his, "not a stick." When the story was complete, the children in PKJ set off to find their own sticks which were no bigger than their elbow to their fingertips. The class then busily experimented with using recycled materials to create their very own "not a stick" constructions.

George Couros has defined "8 characteristics of the innovator's mindset." Creators are one of these characteristics. This learning experience not only provided an opportunity for some of the youngest children at ISB to be creators but also supported our continued exploration within construction and using a variety of different materials.

If you had a stick, what would your not a stick be?

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