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ECC Design and Recycling Centre
Posted 07/12/2016 15:26

The Early Childhood Centre is in the process of launching a Design and Recycling Centre which will encourage and facilitate young creators. Students will be able to choose from quality recycled materials which they will use in designing and creating their inventions.

The centre will collect, manage and share recycled materials to encourage a new level of design and construction whilst demonstrating respect for the environment. The materials will be items such as large cardboard or plastics tubes, fabric off-cuts, thick quality cardboard, off-cuts of timber, quality paper materials, industrial scraps, carpet squares, sturdy boxes of all sizes, Plexiglas cut-offs, and wheels. Such items will be recycled materials being thrown away by companies and organisations*, rather than general household recycling.

Once the recycling centre is up and running, the ECC would like to reach out to local schools as a service project, and offer them the opportunity to pick and choose from the materials collected to support their children's creativity.


*If you are part of an organisation or company that has this kind of excess material that you are willing to donate to our recycling centre, we would greatly appreciate a donation of these items. Please email to describe the materials that you have, in order to see if we could use them in our collection.

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