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The Elementary School Communications Club decided to interview our Director, Lee Fertig. Here's what happened...
The ECC celebrates the United National Home Language Day as part of our commitment to supporting and celebrating the linguistic diversity of our students.
Our Middle School News Team wanted to find out what school had been like for their teachers.. But they learnt a lot more besides!
Effective school communities like ISB are built upon the values of openness, transparency and feedback. They provide opportunities for all stakeholders to gather, share ideas, and discuss the school's future direction.
French students created 3D artwork using LED lights as part of an interdisciplinary project between art and French.
Students from the ES share their diverse cultures while enjoying different food & activities at the International Community Morning.
ISB students are innovators, creators, thinkers and problem-solvers. What will they design?
What is a co-curricular programme and what role does it play in an international school?
Every child is creative in their own way. At ISB there are many subjects which enable you to be independent and creative. One such subject is art.
High School Design Technology students were tasked with creating a table-top telephone handset, that could also be regarded as a "work of art".
Elementary students investigate why educational apps are helpful, and how they are being used in the Elementary School.
ISB hosts students from over 60 countries all over the world and celebrates just as many fascinating cultures and holidays.
Earlier this year, ISB Raiders launched a new sports programme called Raiders Plus, an extension of the wide sports offerings at ISB.
FACEit encourages creative expression, and challenges students to express themselves in a single photograph.
Personal Learning Modules allowed Middle School students to discover, develop and learn through their own interests and passions.
For the past ten years, ISB has been in a community learning partnership with the commune of Watermael-Boitsfort offering students from local schools the chance to learn English through games and activities.
Beginning in late 2017, the ISB community will benefit from priority use of VUB's new indoor swimming pool, which is currently undergoing renovation.
Prekindergarten experiment, create, and imagine as part of their "Let's Explore and Construct" module.
On Saturday, 26 November, ISB hosted the seventh annual greenlight for girls day. Close to 300 young girls from more than 35 schools took part in this event to explore STEM topics in fun, interactive workshops.
The Early Childhood Centre is in the process of launching a Design and Recycling Centre which will encourage and facilitate young creators.
Talking with Claire, it's evident she is passionate about sharing her creative concepts. Five minutes around her and you'll feel inspired to get up and start working on something new!
Effective communication is an essential twenty-first century skill; crafting original ideas, connecting emotionally with audiences, using logic to defy opponents, embodying diverse characters from literature, using primary source research to support stances, and much, much more.
On Wednesday 23 of November, the Grade 8 students paid a visit to the centre of science communication, 'Technopolis'.
Over the weekend, ISB hosted the Unified Basketball Tournament, an event organised by our partner Special Olympics Belgium.
Grade 2 students helped plan, organize and run activities for ECC students to celebrate Universal Children's Day.
ACE, the Middle School's new service learning group, sends eight year-old David to EuroDisney.
"Sometimes learning how to be collaborative is just as important as what we happen to be learning."
A Middle School student reflects on what it means to be an International School student in 2016.
Back in August, ISB welcomed 155 new families into the school community. This week we asked them to tell us about their first impressions.
"Every day, everyone makes mistakes." Grade 6 students reflect on how mistakes are a part of the learning experience...
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