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On Saturday, 26 November, ISB hosted the seventh annual greenlight for girls day. Close to 300 young girls from more than 35 schools took part in this event to explore STEM topics in fun, interactive workshops.
The Early Childhood Centre is in the process of launching a Design and Recycling Centre which will encourage and facilitate young creators.
Talking with Claire, it's evident she is passionate about sharing her creative concepts. Five minutes around her and you'll feel inspired to get up and start working on something new!
Effective communication is an essential twenty-first century skill; crafting original ideas, connecting emotionally with audiences, using logic to defy opponents, embodying diverse characters from literature, using primary source research to support stances, and much, much more.
On Wednesday 23 of November, the Grade 8 students paid a visit to the centre of science communication, 'Technopolis'.
Over the weekend, ISB hosted the Unified Basketball Tournament, an event organised by our partner Special Olympics Belgium.
Grade 2 students helped plan, organize and run activities for ECC students to celebrate Universal Children's Day.
ACE, the Middle School's new service learning group, sends eight year-old David to EuroDisney.
"Sometimes learning how to be collaborative is just as important as what we happen to be learning."
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