Using our ISB Campus

ISB welcomes the use of its campus for activities that benefit ISB and Brussels communities, educational endeavours, non-profit & charity activities and other events. Any request is reviewed by the ISB team to see if it adheres to the campus policies and if the timing of the event is possible given the ISB Academic and Events Calendar. Requests may include the use of our athletic facilities, school buildings and meeting rooms.

We invite you to complete our online request form so that we may learn more about your organisation and desired event. This will be automatically forwarded to the ISB Team who will then contact you for further information.

Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the ISB Fields?

Once we receive your request to use the ISB Campus, we can provide you a quote for any costs that would be incurred. Costs can include the need for security, housekeeping, personnel and maintenance. For the fields, here are the current hourly costs:

Upper or Lower Fields

50,87 Euros


56,52 Euros

Tennis Bubble

28,26 Euros

Changing Room

22,61 Euros

What are the guidelines for the use of the ISB Campus?

After we review your request and needs, we can provide further detail as to the possibilities to use our campus, including any specific guidelines that must be adhered to. For all visitors to ISB, the ISB Campus follows these rules:

• Smoking is prohibited on the entire campus. •

• Due to potential allergies of students, latex gloves or other latex materials are not allowed on campus. •

• Paper and plastic recycling is mandatory. Recycling bins can be found throughout the campus. •

Can I arrange an alumni visit to ISB?

Based on your interests, the ISB team can arrange a campus visit customised to your needs. This could include meetings with the ISB team, teacher/classroom visits, lunch, and information on Alumni activities. Please contact the Alumni & Development office to arrange your visit.