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Please note that during Summer 2017, the ISB Campus is under renovation. While the main front entrance is closed to all car and foot traffic, you can access campus via the Métairie entrance on Avenue Van Kerm.

Our Learning Environment

Great learning demands great learning spaces, designed to match the vision for learning, teaching and assessing expressed in the Common Ground Curriculum, designed and implemented at ISB.

As implementation proceeds, we are building brilliant learning environments based on the principles of flexibility, visibility and community. Each building is an integral element in a coherent and comprehensive plan to create a 'common ground campus', shaped by our vision for learning and community.

All of this work is framed by the stunning setting of Kattenberg 19, where we protect our historic buildings and precious forest

Watch this video to find out more about how the design principles of visibility, transparency and flexibility are transforming the ISB learning environment.

Latest Campus Renovations

The Common Ground Campus project is designed to ensure that the school's physical environment supports all aspects of life and learning at ISB. During the school year 2015-2016, the following major improvements were made across the campus.

1. New science labs in the Middle School including cutting-edge design and maker spaces

2. Expansion and renovation of the Métairie and Annex in support of the Performing Arts programme

3. Creation of a new, central Community Lounge in the Annex

4. New collaboration-based classrooms on the second floor of the Elementary School

5. Renovations of the Blackbox Theatre and Drama Classroom

6. Creation of a new ISB Plus activities office in the Old Gym

7. Installation of a new Dance Studio in the International Community Centre

8. Whole Campus security enhancements, including the start of a campus perimeter fence

Our Green Agenda

ISB has long been committed to an ambitious environmental agenda.

1. Environmental Responsibility
It is our shared commitment, as clearly expressed in our Curriculum, to learn, teach and model environmental responsibility as a core value at ISB.

2. Learning as the Primary Driver
The key to responsible behaviour is to recognize that this is learned behaviour. Our collective responsibility is to ensure that this is learned here, at ISB. We work towards this goal through direct study of relevant issues and through the integration of sustainability principles throughout the curriculum.

3. Exemplars as a Key Learning Strategy
We support the embedded learning of environmental responsibility by providing exemplars of desired behaviours. This means that we practice what we preach in all aspects of life and work at ISB.

4. All Stakeholders need to Share the Impact of Taking Responsibility
Being more “green” tends to mean changes to our patterns of behaviour. Those can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. We believe it is important to make sure that any inconvenience is shared across stakeholder groups. For example, if we reduce parking spaces on campus it is important that the various groups of vehicle users share the impact and that any criteria used are fair, reasonable and transparent.

External Recognition of our Green Agenda
During the school year 2013-2014, the Brussels Institute of Environment renewed ISB’s second eco-star for the next three years. The was first awarded one star in 2001, finally earning its second in 2007. The two stars put ISB in the category of Eco-dynamic Enterprises of Brussels. Continued actions are required by the school in order to maintain this prestigious award.

Our Commitment to a Greener Campus

At ISB, environmental responsibility is a core value - one that is both embedded in our curriculum, and embodied in our organisational practice. One way in which we demonstrate our commitment to that value is through continuous Campus improvements that reduce energy usage, conserve natural resources, and protect our Campus site.

In 2015-2016 these projects included:

Installation of a more fuel-efficient furnace in the Early Childhood Centre

Installation of a new, energy efficient heating and ventilation system for the Gyms and Theatre

New, better-insulated roofs for the Elementary School, Gyms, Annex, and Theatre

Replacement of lighting in the Gyms with low-energy LEDs

Removal of the the Campus' last in-ground oil tank

Our Facilities & Services

We understand that effective learning also depends on practical issues, such as transport, nutrition and out-of-school care.

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Campus Rental

ISB welcomes the use of its Campus for activities that benefit ISB and Brussels communities, educational endeavours, non-profit and charity activities and other events.

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