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In our rapidly changing world, it's becoming increasingly important for students to find ways to focus on the present, manage the many demands placed on them, and remain socially, emotionally and physically healthy.
An insightful reflection from a High School student about his journey through the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) programme and what he's learned from this experience.
Special education students from ISB go to Équité every Wednesday to practice trust with animals.
On 23 April, three-hundred guests enjoyed a festive evening of cocktails, a silent and live auction, a gourmet dinner, and lively dance party - all in support of learning innovation at ISB.
Visual media plays an increasingly important role in our day-to-day lives. Learning to analyse, select information and create media are becoming key skills for our children.
Over the spring holidays, more than 70 members from the ISB Symphonic Band headed north to present concert programmes in Scotland.
Our Kindergarten classes participate in different stations set up to operate simple machines that explore force and motion.
16 student athletes travelled to Cape Town to volunteer for Hoops for Hope, an organization that engages children from townships in sports programmes.
The third edition of the International Raiders Tang Soo Do Challenge, organized by ISB+ Martial Art instructors, takes place at ISB over the weekend.
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