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By 2020, there will be over 50 billion connected devices affecting our daily lives. A key to understanding the modern world lies in understanding the language of code.
Exploring design as a means to develop creativity, problem-finding, problem-solving and design thinking skills.
Around 100 people attended the ISB Alumni reception at US Ambassador Denise Bauer's residence in Brussels.
Singing songs supports children as they continue to develop literacy skills within the areas of oral language and phonics.
The project has also received international acclaim by being featured in the recent Cambridge University Press student guide "Creativity, Activity, Service".
Last Wednesday, Grade 6 students visited the Folon Foundation, located in "Parc Solvay", a gorgeous green setting at the edge of the Sonian Forest.
The ISB athletics programme is about more than just playing a sport. It's about learning skills, both on and off of the pitch.
During Semester 1, the Performance Works class embarked on its first ever project using the Middle School's new Maker Lab.
Harmony, the ISB music service club, and the Korean Cultural Club raise 2,002 euros for the refugees in Brussels.
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