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Please note that during Summer 2017, the ISB Campus is under renovation. While the main front entrance is closed to all car and foot traffic, you can access campus via the M├ętairie entrance on Avenue Van Kerm.

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Graduation 2017

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News From ISB

Bringing imagination to life

HS Textile and Fashion Design collaborated with Grade 2 Art class on a design project whereby the ECC students drew a Monster and the HS students turned their scary but lovable drawings into dolls that they could take home.

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I Kill Giants at ISB

A few weeks ago, ISB was contacted by a post production company working on "I Kill Giants", an upcoming American film, to record ambient sound at an English-speaking school in Brussels.

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Raiders Spirit at the Special Olympics

The 2017 Special Olympics took place on May 24-25 and was kicked off with an amazing whole school send-off. We had an action packed weekend in which our 11 Olympians participated in a variety of disciplines with great success!

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