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For a long time, ISB Middle School has had 48-minute class periods yet, in recent times, it has proved to be lacking in its productivity with both teachers and students alike.
As part of their unit on "Communities", the 1st Grade students paid a visit to the Château and campus to get to know their school 'community' better.
We wanted to send a positive message celebrating difference and feel it has influenced a lot of our student community in a good way.
A former ISB parent reflects on her daughter's journey at ISB.
At the beginning of each school year the ECC takes some time to revisit our Big 4 Agreements: Kind, Safe, Fair and Respectful.
It is with sadness that we report former ISB Director, Albert J. Perrelli, passed away peacefully on 29 July 2016 in Vermont.
At ISB, we know that transformative learning and teaching requires optimized learning and teaching spaces. Taking advantage of the calm that summer brings, the school undertook a significant suite of renovation and renewal projects.
This week ISB held its 10th annual Summer Learning Institutes. The institutes took place throughout the week with over 100 new and returning teachers participating, offering a variety of different workshops to choose from.
2016 saw the largest ever number of IB students sit exams at ISB.
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ISB 65th Anniversary & Homecoming Celebration

7 – 9 October 2016


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